Equipment & Facilities

Denton Cartage – Equipment and Facilities

Our equipment and services solve your problems – and save you money too.

Equipment and Facilities

  • Over 60 Company-Owned Tractors
  • State of the Art Tracking and Dispatch
    • Automated Dispatch Software – your load is delivered in the most timely and efficient manner
    • GPS in every truck – know where your cargo is at all times
    • Automated Shipment Updates – system can email you every time your container is moved
  • Over 100 Company-Owned Chassis
    • 20’ Containers – to 39,500 lbs
    • Triaxles – moving heavy loads up to 45,000 lbs
    • Ultra-lights – for weight distribution problem loads
    • Spread Axles – for refrigerated units, non-standard and overweight loads
    • Step Decks – for tall machinery and special loads
    • Double Drops – down to 12” – moving the extra tall problem load
  • Three Denton locations – proximity to over 30 rail yards in greater Chicago land
    • McCook, Illinois (metro Chicago)
    • Rochelle, Illinois
    • Joliet, Illinois
  • Nine Acre Company-Owned Lot in McCook, Illinois (metro Chicago)
    • Gated and secure
    • Security Camera monitored
    • Room for storage and pre-pulls – save on rail yard storage charges
    • No delays on import deliveries or export pickups
    • Warehousing services available

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